VasThera’s Drug Discovery Platform I "RedoxizymeTM"

Two natural enzymes, peroxiredoxin (Prx) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx), play a pivotal role in intracellular H2Oregulation. These enzymes are distinct due to their coupling with specific redox systems: Thioredoxin (Trx) for Prx and Glutathione (GSH) for GPx.

VasThera’s first drug discovery platform, RedoxizymeTM, can design new small-molecules of Prx nanozymes, the first-in-class drug candidates applicable for precision therapy of Prx deficiency syndrome (PDS).




VasThera’s Drug Discovery Platform II : "PeroxiCharger"

Astrocyte activation is critical for the initiation and progression of Alzheimer’s disease through MAOB-dependent GABA production. Specifically, MAOB also produces a substantial amount of H2Ointracellularly, which eventually causes neuronal death.

VasThera’s second drug discovery platform, PeroxiChagercan design first-in-class drug candidates aimed at enhancing the activity of intracellular peroxidases in both astrocytes and microglial cells.

The drug candidates designed with PeroxiChager accelerates the elimination of intracellular H2Oin reactive astrocytes, ultimately preventing neuronal cell death.




VasThera’s Drug Discovery Platform III : "Opti-ATG"

Autophagy (ATG) is a critical process for maintaining cellular homeostasis by eliminating harmful aggregates and damaged organelles.

VasThera’s third drug discovery platform, Opti-ATG, can design novel scaffold compounds accelerating autophagic flux and target diseases related to autophagy, such as neurodegeneration and eye diseases.

While still in its early development stage, we expect our first-in-class drug pipeline can effectively target dry AMD.


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